High South have inked a major deal with Universal/Decca UK! The multiple album deal is set to launch in January 2013 all over the UK. Followed by releases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The group, High South includes Kevin Campos, Marc Copely, Dillon Dixon and Jamey Garner.
High South began pre-production for their debut CD early in 2012 at Prime Studios in Tyrol, Austria with 2-3 weeks of intense songwriting and pre-production sessions. They then continued on to a week of tracking at British Grove, Mark Knopfler’s world class studio in London, then legendary Avatar Studios in NYC and finally Fireside and Entourage Studios in L.A.! During the recording sessions, South was visited in the studio by rock legends Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits and Don Felder of The Eagles!
Stay connected to Jamey and his band HIGH SOUTH right here at www.JameyGarner.com

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