High South Hit a High Note at STARnacht!

High South performed July 12th and 13th at the 14th Annual ORF-TV event, STARnacht – “Star Night at the Wörthersee”. in Austria. High South delivered two of their singles for an excited live audience both nights. Saturday’s performance was also simulcast to approximately 600,000 viewers.
STARnacht marks High South’s very first TV appearance, but promises not to be their last. Just minutes after the band’s two songs were aired, iTunes had listed their debut CD “Now” at #15 on the Album chart. Over the next hour the band watched as it rose to #3 before settling, three days later, at #9. That same evening, two of their singles, Now and One Night at a Time, both made the Top 10 Singles chart.
High South will head to Germany and Holland in August and September.

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