Tony Dannecker Speaks!

Dr. Antony Dannecker, famed Harmonica craftsman speaks on Jamey’s new Dannecker “Optimus” video… “…Everyone loves the work, which seems to be developing some sort of cult status already! Your chosen location, a blazing Texan sky, surreal landscape and the way you exploit the power and clarity of the instrument are just a couple of repeated comments we’re hearing.
How you pulled all of this together is true testament to your genius my friend. We are not alone in saying that there is something magical and spiritual about the piece!”
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Jamey Films Promo Vid For Dannecker “Optimus” Harmonica

Jamey received his first Dannecker “Optimus” harmonica (Key of C ~ Country Tuned) from Antony Dannecker recently and was so blown away by its performance, that he has responded by shooting a short video to promote Dannecker’s newest innovation.

“We filmed all afternoon in rural Celina, TX. and really captured some amazing images. I tried to metaphorically represent the soul of the harmonica and the absolute down to earth craftsmanship that is Dannecker’s Optimus“, said Jamey. Adding that, the Optimus is the culmination of over 100 years of skilled Dannecker artisans fine tuning their craft. “It harkens back a by-gone era when tradition, craftsmanship and art were handed down from generation to generation, down a long, long road to perfection.”

The Dannecker family tradition with harmonicas started in 1895 in Germany with Hohner. That tradition continues today with Antony Dannecker, himself a professional harmonica craftsman and consultant for the Hohner company.

Antony’s harmonicas are in constant demand the world over, especially in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where his harmonicas are legendary. Every single harmonica ordered is custom made by hand, personally by Antony and incorporates his numerous specialist refinements guaranteeing optimum air-tightness, reed responsiveness and fine tuning to the highest degree of accuracy for which he is world famous.

Other notable fans of the Dannecker brand are… Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News, actors Bruce Willis & Andy Garcia, harp legends “Toots” Thielemans & Charlie Musselwhite and many, many more!

Order YOUR Dannecker Harmonica directly from Antony, NOW! ~
Antony Dannecker & Jamey Garner ONLY recommend HOHNER.

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