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High South Hit a High Note at STARnacht!

High South performed July 12th and 13th at the 14th Annual ORF-TV event, STARnacht – “Star Night at the Wörthersee”. in Austria. High South delivered two of their singles for an excited live audience both nights. Saturday’s performance was also simulcast to approximately 600,000 viewers.
STARnacht marks High South’s very first TV appearance, but promises not to be their last. Just minutes after the band’s two songs were aired, iTunes had listed their debut CD “Now” at #15 on the Album chart. Over the next hour the band watched as it rose to #3 before settling, three days later, at #9. That same evening, two of their singles, Now and One Night at a Time, both made the Top 10 Singles chart.
High South will head to Germany and Holland in August and September.

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FOUR out of FIVE STARS! High South ~ “THE NEW EAGLES?”

Two popular Dutch music magazines, and Revolver’s Lust For Life, both reviewed High South’s debut CD recently. Not only did the H/S debut cd recieve 4 of 5 Stars from both publications, one magazine also had this to say…
‘The new Eagles, the younger brothers of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the ressurection of The Byrds? Promises that are almost impossible to fulfill. But with debut album ‘Our Way Back Home’ High South is definitely on the right track’
…Not too shabby!

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High South have inked a major deal with Universal/Decca UK! The multiple album deal is set to launch in January 2013 all over the UK. Followed by releases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The group, High South includes Kevin Campos, Marc Copely, Dillon Dixon and Jamey Garner.
High South began pre-production for their debut CD early in 2012 at Prime Studios in Tyrol, Austria with 2-3 weeks of intense songwriting and pre-production sessions. They then continued on to a week of tracking at British Grove, Mark Knopfler’s world class studio in London, then legendary Avatar Studios in NYC and finally Fireside and Entourage Studios in L.A.! During the recording sessions, South was visited in the studio by rock legends Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits and Don Felder of The Eagles!
Stay connected to Jamey and his band HIGH SOUTH right here at

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"For Those About To Rock School"

We’re very excited to announce that JG has been asked to join the teaching staff at ROCK SCHOOL in Dallas, TX. Jamey will be Rock School’s newest addition as Vocal Performance Coach. He’ll be teaching at both Southlake and Plano locations!

Vocal students are taught all the essential skills to help expand vocal range, tone and stamina so they can rock with the best! Students are also coached in stage presence and delivery.

Officially and appropriately titled, “For Those About To Rock School”, Mike Mroz – owner, has selected a versatile staff of highly respected professional musicians since 2003. According to Mike, ROCK SCHOOL realizes that not everything can be learned in the classroom and that students need the experience of learning by doing! Throughout the year, Rock School students rock out at such great local venues as The House of Blues, Sambuca 360, Grapefest, Southlake Town Square and Main Street Days!

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? If so, “For Those About To ROCK SCHOOL” may be for you!
Rock School offers guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocal lessons to ages 8 and up! From absolute beginner to advanced levels welcome! In addition to weekly private lessons, ROCK SCHOOL offers several performance programs that provide students actual performance opportunities at real rock venues like The House Of Blues!

Absolute beginner to advanced. Ages 8 and up.
Schedule: Southlake Mon -Wed, 3- 9pm, Plano Tues and Thursday 3-9pm

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Tony Dannecker Speaks!

Dr. Antony Dannecker, famed Harmonica craftsman speaks on Jamey’s new Dannecker “Optimus” video… “…Everyone loves the work, which seems to be developing some sort of cult status already! Your chosen location, a blazing Texan sky, surreal landscape and the way you exploit the power and clarity of the instrument are just a couple of repeated comments we’re hearing.
How you pulled all of this together is true testament to your genius my friend. We are not alone in saying that there is something magical and spiritual about the piece!”
Go to to read more about Tony’s amazing harps!

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Jamey Films Promo Vid For Dannecker “Optimus” Harmonica

Jamey received his first Dannecker “Optimus” harmonica (Key of C ~ Country Tuned) from Antony Dannecker recently and was so blown away by its performance, that he has responded by shooting a short video to promote Dannecker’s newest innovation.

“We filmed all afternoon in rural Celina, TX. and really captured some amazing images. I tried to metaphorically represent the soul of the harmonica and the absolute down to earth craftsmanship that is Dannecker’s Optimus“, said Jamey. Adding that, the Optimus is the culmination of over 100 years of skilled Dannecker artisans fine tuning their craft. “It harkens back a by-gone era when tradition, craftsmanship and art were handed down from generation to generation, down a long, long road to perfection.”

The Dannecker family tradition with harmonicas started in 1895 in Germany with Hohner. That tradition continues today with Antony Dannecker, himself a professional harmonica craftsman and consultant for the Hohner company.

Antony’s harmonicas are in constant demand the world over, especially in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA where his harmonicas are legendary. Every single harmonica ordered is custom made by hand, personally by Antony and incorporates his numerous specialist refinements guaranteeing optimum air-tightness, reed responsiveness and fine tuning to the highest degree of accuracy for which he is world famous.

Other notable fans of the Dannecker brand are… Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News, actors Bruce Willis & Andy Garcia, harp legends “Toots” Thielemans & Charlie Musselwhite and many, many more!

Order YOUR Dannecker Harmonica directly from Antony, NOW! ~
Antony Dannecker & Jamey Garner ONLY recommend HOHNER.

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